What is rollei.org.uk?

by Andrew Dodson on 14 April 2011

It has been several months since John Wild, Andrew Bell and I relaunched the rollei.org.uk website and in my opinion it has had mixed success.   Launching a website is a challenging process.  Not only do you have to understand what it is you are aiming to share in an engaging manner, you have to deal with the technical aspects of setting up a website.  All on a limited budget of time and money.  So what did we set out to achieve with rollei.org.uk?

Basically, we wanted an online archive of Club Rollei User magazines and to build a community for members to buy and sell their Rollei Goods.

We also looked to add a little bit more flavour to the website with other tidbits we thought members may be interested in:

  • Useful Rollei Resource contact information
  • Showcase a Flickr photo group
  • Links to the latest Rollei List conversations.

So what does 'Mixed Success' mean? I can see interest in past issues as approximately 20-30 copies of each issue has been downloaded since the launch but I don't see many members taking advantage of our Rollei Sales and Wants. Now this could be because everyone has exactly the right amount of Rollei's in their collection....


This site hasn't quite hit the mark.

So the site is not there yet (clearly the first premise is impossible )... therefore we need to fix it and I am keen to seek feedback from our members on what they believe the Club Rollei User website should do and possibly how we should do it.

I have some ideas and will be including them in this months magazine but in the meantime if you have some great ideas then please leave your 2 penny's worth of opinion below.

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