The Rolleiflex 2.8B

by David Morgan

David Morgan in CRU Issue 17 looks at the rare Rolleiflex 2.8B and reflects on an article published in the Photographica World by John Phillips.

Love Affair with a Rollei T

by John Powell

John Powell reminisces on the short ‘love affair’ he had with his Rolleiflex T Gray and sends a challenge to other members to give their own accounts of ‘love affairs’ they may have had.


by Andrew Dodson

Making the more Rollei-centric takes time and a little help. So I reached out to another Rollei site to see if we could share some knowledge.

Club Rollei User – Issue 21

by John Wild
The Divinity School, Bodleian

Spring has sprung and John takes the time to do a bit of virtual spring cleaning. Has he properly backed up and catalogued his collection so he can dispose of that old equipment?

Rollei Legacy

by Andrew Dodson

Franke & Heidecke created a legacy in Rollie that has lasted over 90 years. This article explores the reason for this and whether Club Rollei User is in a position to create its own legacy.

What is

by Andrew Dodson

Club Rollei User website has been live for 2 months. We have started a journey to meld the club with the big bad internet… are we doing a good job?

Rollei 6000 series PQ and PQS lenses

by abell

WANTED TO BUY Rollei 6000 series PQ and PQS lenses, except 80mm Contact Graham on

Bronica ETRSi plus Rollei 6008i

by Wolfram Borgis

In this article from Issue 20, Wolfram Borgis expands on the Bronica v Rollei comparison in Issue 19 and gives an insight into his way of doing photography.

Sonic UK Ltd still official Rollei Digital Distributors

by abell

Andrew Bell confirmed that Sonic UK Ltd are still the official Rollei Digital Camera Distributors and Service Centre for the UK. They are moving offices so we don’t have their new address details as yet. That said, if you do want to contact them about your Rollei then they recommend that you approach your retailer […]

Club Rollei User – Issue 20

by John Wild

John takes a well earned holiday with his family and is reminded to not start the holiday until you have packed, loaded and checked your Rollei.

Club Rollei User – Issue 19

by John Wild

A Rollei SL66SE goes head to head with a Canon EOS 500D. John explores the different techniques that digital and film photography require.