Full Circle

by Ron Wootton

Starting with box cameras in the late 1940’s, SLR’s in the 80’s and Digital in the noughties. Ron Wootton has a long history of camera usage. He discusses his preferred choice of camera now and why.

Old Smokie

by Malcolm Hart

Occasionally, as collectors and users of vintage photographica, a friend or relative wishing to tap into your ‘interest’ of old cameras produce items that should have been left where found. But sometimes a gem will emerge… this is the story of ‘Old Smokie’ an Original Rolleiflex and it’s restoration.

High Dynamic Range

by John Wild

In “Digital Prints from B&W Negatives”, John discusses converting black and white negatives into an HDR image. In this extract from hdrsoft.com we recap on some of the basics of High Dynamic Range photography.

Digital Prints from B&W Negatives

by John Wild

High Dynamic Range is now available on the iPhone 4 but how was this performed by Rollei photographers in the past. John Wild looks at the process of applying HDR to some of his black and white negatives.

40 Years with Rollei

by Dennis Camp

Dennis Camp has been collecting Rolleis for 40 years and reflects on these years and how collecting cameras has evolved. Will he trade for a digital or stay with his favourite Rollei 3.5F… Only time will till.

Rollei and the Photographic Dealer

by David Morgan

With a photo of the Rollei Factory at Brunswick and the tag line “Become a Rollei Dealer – it will pay you dividends”, this excerpt from last centuries Rollei promotional material makes for interesting reading.

Rolleiflex 2.8 E3

by David Morgan

The Rolleiflex 2.8E3 has been somewhat of an enigma in the UK, so when David Morgan discovers one, he places the successful bid and investigates it’s history in some detail. He also looks at bayonet filter options for the Rollei Collector.

Voigtländer prototype TLR's

by Ian Parker

Ian Parker discusses the fate of Voigtländer and some of it’s prototypes that have been trading on the Breker Auction site. He would buy one himself if not for a small obstacle.

Rolleinars and Rolleigons

by Ken Williams

Many photographers have pre-conceptions on the quality of a lens just by the name. Ken Williams takes the time to test his biases between Rolleinar and the Rolleigon on his Rolleiflex 6008AF.

Rollei lens on a Canon EOS 400D

by John Wild

Having a wide range of Rollei Lenses John Wild takes the time to investigate if he could improve upon the photographic results from a Canon EOS 400D stock lenses. Of course, it is not as easy as it first seems and many factors are considered over a series of tests.

Tele Rolleiflex

by John Wild

Wanted to buy a Tele Rolleiflex. Fiona is based in Kent, UK and is would like to purchase a Tele Rolleiflex. Budget circa £600. If interested, please contact her on fild@aol.com or post a comment below.