The Last Rolleiflex ‘T’?

by Emmanuel Bigler

After Ian Parker’s article on the Rolleiflex T in Issue 13, Emmanuel discovers that he may have a collectors gem.

Rollei 35RF

by Ken Williams

The Rollei 35RF was not a commercial success even though it is a joy to use. Ken Williams discusses why it was not as successful as it’s peers and then explores the capability of the camera in its own right.

Rollei’s best camera – the SL66?

by Ian Parker

Ian Parker discusses the Rollei SL66 and compares the photographic results of a Hasselblad digital setup with that of his beloved Rolleiflex 2.8GX.

Rolleiflex 3.5F: classic build and optics 1979

by Harry Kitchen

In an article originally published in PHOTOpro, Harry Kitchen touches on the pros and cons of the early Rolleiflex 2.8’s before going into depth about his ‘model 5’ Xenotar-lensed Rolleiflex 3.5 F. He also provides some insight as to what began the Franke & Heidecke company’s downfall.

A New Focusing Screen for my SL66

by David Runyard

Replacing a focusing screen in a Rollei SL66 doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or completed by Bill Maxwell. Mark Runyard runs through the process of replacing the Rollei screen with a cutdown RB67 screen. Just be sure to read the disclaimer and Bill’s comments at the end.


by abell

Andrew Bell will rebuild batteries for your Rollei camera.

Service & Repairs

by John Wild

Details for Service and Repairs of your Rollei cameras.

Rollei Film

by John Wild

Rollei film can be purchased at Ag Photographic, Firstcall Photographic Limited and Silverprint

Sonic UK Limited

by Andrew Dodson

UK Importer of Rollei digital cameras, scanners, electronic picture frames and video cameras

Rolleiflex SL66SE – Light leak

by John Wild

Cameras can present problems as the not so rugged elements break down through use and age. John takes the time to investigate and solve some light leakage on his SL66SE. If everything else fails, you can always send your camera to Brian Mickelboro.

Bayonet Mounts

by Paul Gates

Rolleiflex TLRs since the 1937 Automat have had the double bayonet lens accessory mount. Without an accessory this can cause trouble through refection leading to either degradation of shadow contrast or actual flare spots. Paul provides some advice to address this problem.