35mm Panoramas with a Rolleiflex SL66

by John Wild
Masking the Rollei SL66 viewfinder

John has been trawling the internet gathering ideas for converting his medium format SL66 camera to accept 35mm film. Is it worth the effort? See the results and judge for yourself.

127 Film and the Rolleiflex 4×4

by John Wild
Contact sheet with a Baby Rolleiflex

John digs out his old darkroom equipment and takes his Baby Rolleiflex out to use some of his old 127 film. Much to contend with but he gets there in the end.

The Church and Abbey of St. Augustine

by dscanniain
The Church and Abbey of St. Augustine

Church and Abbey of St. Augustine is located in Dungarvan, a town on the south coast of Ireland; about fifty miles east of Cork. Dáithí takes a tour of this Church which has been in this location since the 13th century

Focal Length of 6×6 compared to 35mm Lenses

by Ken Williams

Ken Williams looks at the relationship between the focal length of a medium format and 35mm lenses.

Tales of the unexpected with a Rolleiflex T

by Jim Graves
Rolleiflex T

Jim Graves takes his Rolleiflex T out into the public and finds that it attracts all sorts of attention.

The Rollei SL 66 Aquamarin – Part 2

by Wolfgang Freihen
SL 66 Aquamarine case

Wolfgang continues his description of the Rollei SL 66 Aquamarine. In addition to some basic assembly instructions, he gives some insight into its use and limitations.

The Rollei SL 66 Aquamarin – Part 1

by Wolfgang Freihen
Modern Photographic Techniques

Wolfgang Freihan has written several books on underwater photography. In the first part of this series on the Rollei SL 66 “Aquamarin” he gives a recount of his life and passion for underwater photography including a comparison of the SL66 v Hasselblad for use underwater.

Rollei 6008AF vs Bronica ETR-Si

by Ken Williams
Rollei 6008AF & Bronica ETR-Si - Front

Ken compares the Rolleiflex 6008AF to the Bronica ETR-Si considering complexity of operation, future value and weight. The resulting decision is a hard and controversial one (at least for Rollei fans).

Call yourself a Photographer?

by Jim Graves
Lancaster Enlarger

When is a hobby more than an a hobby? Jim Graves recalls the times he happened on the bitter rivalry of ‘Amateur’ photographers as they defend/attack their camera make or methods.

How I Produce Superslides

by Wolfram Borgis

This article explores two techniques for converting 120 film into 127 film in order to create a “superslide” for use in a Baby Rolleiflex.

Wulf H. Koehler

by Wolfgang Freihen

With a passion for diving and photography it is no surprise that Wulf H. Koehler is famous for his Rollei underwater housing equipment. Wolfgang Freihen provides an in depth account of his life and achievements.