A Little Giant Called Harry

by Jim Graves
Rollei 35SE

The life of a Rollei 35SE… coincided nicely with the birth of Jim’s Grandson.

Club Rollei User – Issue 25

by John Wild
Club Rollei Issue 25 - Cover

2012 is turning out to be a very busy year with holidays, Photographica and the Olympics. John still found time to print some 35mm negatives from his collection on monochrome canvas prints…. and was very pleased with the result.

Club Rollei User – Issue 24

by John Wild
Cover for the January 2012 Club Rollei User

Recently Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection. John takes a look in how it’s forward looking view on photography was not forward looking enough.

Club Rollei User – Issue 23

by John Wild
Club Rollei User Issue 23

Summer has finished and for once, John has managed to get out and use his Rollei on numerous occasions. He ponders the experience and the future for these cameras and others.

Club Rollei User – Issue 22

by John Wild
Club Rollei User Issue 22

An Issue every quarter for Club Rollei User needs careful planning… so that the plan can be torn up and a magazine be produced. Inspiration for each magazines topic stems from the submissions of our Club members whenever they may be received as another frenetic month passes.

The Polaroid Experience

by John Wild

John sets about repairing a polaroid 360. Not a Rollei… but an interesting if but fruitless activity.

The Rolleiflex as an Icon

by Emmanuel Bigler
Classic Rolleiflex TLR Cameras: 2.8F and T.

How was the Rollei camera brand seen by the public and photographer’s in the “golden age”? Emmauel Bigler looks at the evolution of Rollei TLR and considers how we see it today?

35mm Panoramas with a Rolleiflex SL66

by John Wild
Masking the Rollei SL66 viewfinder

John has been trawling the internet gathering ideas for converting his medium format SL66 camera to accept 35mm film. Is it worth the effort? See the results and judge for yourself.

127 Film and the Rolleiflex 4×4

by John Wild
Contact sheet with a Baby Rolleiflex

John digs out his old darkroom equipment and takes his Baby Rolleiflex out to use some of his old 127 film. Much to contend with but he gets there in the end.

The Church and Abbey of St. Augustine

by dscanniain
The Church and Abbey of St. Augustine

Church and Abbey of St. Augustine is located in Dungarvan, a town on the south coast of Ireland; about fifty miles east of Cork. Dáithí takes a tour of this Church which has been in this location since the 13th century

Focal Length of 6×6 compared to 35mm Lenses

by Ken Williams

Ken Williams looks at the relationship between the focal length of a medium format and 35mm lenses.