Club Rollei User – Issue 7

by John Wild on 1 October 2007

I have  read in the press that Fuji are committed to continuing film production although there will be a price rise due to the increased cost of raw materials, silver and also production costs due to the reduced production volumes.

I have included images of some of the PDF documents downloadable from the website which gives an interesting insight into the varied uses Rollei cameras are being put to. They are just about readable with a magnifying glass!

For those of you attending the meeting in November, there is an exhibition at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester entitled “In Camera: Snowdon and the World of British Art” which runs until 27th January 2008. It may be worth your while to arrive a little earlier if you wish to view the exhibition; I do not think there will be time within the schedule. The introduction states:

“In 1965 the seminal book Private View’was published, confirming a dramatic shift on the map of international contemporary art. In almost 400 extraordinary photographs by Snowdon the book documented the contemporary British art scene at that decisive moment and argued that London now rivalled New York and Paris as an artistic capital of the world.

This exhibition revisits some of those highly personal and now iconic photographs of British artists, including Lucian Freud, Peter Blake and Eduardo Paolozzi, for the first time in over forty years. Rare alternative shots not previously published can also be seen. Following Snowdon’s work in the years since Private View this show encompasses a new generation of British artists including Damien Hirst, Rachel Whiteread and Chis Ofili.” Visit


Front Cover: Photograph: John Sparkes with a Rolleiflex T -
- Spring 007, Early morning mist Bushy Park, Hampton Hill.
3 Products from RolleiMetric
4 Photographic and Camera Auctions by Ian Parker
6 Rollei in the Medical Field
10 Photographs by Mohsin Latif
12 How I produce Superslides by Manfred Borgis
14 Digital Prints from B&W Negatives by John Wild
16 Your Forum
18 Sales and Wants
18 Mystery Accessory
Back Cover: Photographs by John Wild

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