Club Rollei User – Issue 47

by John Wild on 26 November 2017

This summer does not seem to have happened, it has changed from spring to autumn in the blink of an eye. My cameras have not been out of the cabinet. Admittedly, I find myself with a mind set which determines my leisure activity and this year it has not been photographic but engineering based. My thoughts follow the theme of how to fix part A to part B rather than the aesthetic positioning of A with relation to B; so I still have two wall spaces to fill. As a college student, sometime last century, I found I had less time and spare cash to indulge in photography and when my parents downsized after my sisters and I had packed our bags and left home, I had to remove my darkroom equipment and library. I had no storage space and as my interest in photography had waned, I sold it all. I part exchanged my Rolleicord 5b for a Polaroid SX70 because I believed that fitted my new perspective. How wrong I had been in retrospect. I moved on through a range of automatic cameras before rediscovering my past with a Rolleiflex 3.5F. A contented grin has adorned my face ever since.

However, along with my darkroom equipment a paperback book I had regarded as my ‘bible’ had gone also. Periodically I would crave its return but I could not remember the title other than including the word ‘Photography’. It had a picture of a camera lens on the front cover. It was a simple book but with many useful techniques and formulae between soft covers and with much use, the pages had started to fall out.

Camera fairs over a number of years brought nothing. With the internet at my disposal, I set about searching Google Images for ‘Photography’. It sourced any book with a photograph in it. Variations to this title search brought narrower results and I did find one edition of a book which may have been a different edition to what I was looking for; I bought it but no luck. Many hours were spent to no avail. I wished for a long gone local second hand book store to search because that may have given me a clue. This led me to think about internet second hand book stores and I remembered Abe books had brought me success previously. A result of 600 or so books with my search criteria suggested a boring task ahead. On the second page of the list, I recognised the image on the front cover. Success! If at first you don't succeed....


Front Cover: Man in Mosque - Old Delhi by Brian Pearce.

3 In Passing by David Morgan

4 A Wet Hell - Part 2 by Dáithí ó Scannláin

6 Margaret River Area, Western Australia by Mike Anson

7 Always take great care when loading film by Raymund Livesey

8 Infrared Film by Danny McClure

10 Liverpool Cathedral 1966 by Paul Gates

11 Have you tried solarisation? by Paul Gates

13 Jottings by Peter Manley

14 The Ascent of Lanin Volcano by Carlos M. Freaza

20 Club Rollei Postal Competition 2017

29 Your Forum

30 Notices, For Sale and Wanted

Rear Cover: The Rising Sun and Daily Walk to School by Wulf Koehler

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