Club Rollei User – Issue 46

by John Wild on 1 September 2017

For this issue, I set myself a task for which I had not fully appreciated the work load before I started. Well I have finished although I could still add more but for now, the magazine is late enough being completed. Thank you for your patience!

That over, Steve the printer man returned and after a ream of A3 paper and six hours on site, resolved the centre gutter issue. It turns out the "collate" box needs to be ticked. That took a long time to determine but it is only one box out of probably one hundred others. He informed me that collate is a legacy feature from printers with no memory where the computer had to determine the order in which the pages were sent to the printer. To use that option with modern printers can cause big problems; e.g. ten copies of a ten page document can result in 100 of one page.

Until this new printer came along, I had learnt that 'collate off' was the safe way to go and never had a problem. Steve and I agreed on that one, until now that is. This new printer has been programmed to work in the old fashioned way and nobody said anything. An updated printer driver made things worse and had actually removed many excellent functions. Now the old driver has been reinstalled and with the collate box ticked, my blood pressure is returning to normal.

I cannot remember what has happened since I met some of you at Photographica in May. The weather has not been conducive to photography. I have planned two photos but I am being patient waiting for conditions to be kind to me. I am hoping that September will be the month to bring success.

I went to a local camera fair in June and spotted a 1952 Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532/16. It is a 6x6, 11 exposures, coupled rangefinder bellows camera, and built like a tank. I bought it and sent it to Newton Ellis for an overhaul. Now returned, I have to take it out when the weather settles. When I put it in my coat pocket - when folded it is quite suitable for that - I will walk with a severe shoulder roll and I will yaw violently into the path of anyone nearby.

Harry Kitchen wrote to me recently about using Konica 750 infrared film and totally coincidently mentioned one of his favourite cameras, the "magnificent 11-on Zeiss "Tiger Tank" Super Ikon 530/16" from 1937. Mine is a later model with combined coupled rangefinder/viewfinder; Harry's has a separate coupled rangefinder window.


  • Front Cover: Yacht in the harbour at Bosham by Tony Cowan.
  • In Passing by David Morgan
  • Exterior of BBC Scotland by Tony Cowan
  • The 1970's Rollei's venture into medium format electronics by John Wild
  • Chippenham - May 2017, photos by David Morgan and John Wild
  • Kodak Brownie 127 by John Wild
  • A Small Corner of West Somerset by Hadyn Butcher
  • Rolleiflex users
  • Your Forum
  • Rolleigrafie camera report Rollei SL66
  • Rear Cover: Michael Coles - The Boston Tea Party, Colin Wilson - Cluttered Yard

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