Club Rollei User – Issue 40

by John Wild on 7 February 2016

David and I hope you have had an enjoyable seasonal holiday and we extend our best wishes to you for 2016.

You will notice that this issue is number 40; ten years since David and I took over from Ian Parker. Looking back, the early issues had less pages and a larger font size to fill those pages! We have come on a long way since 2006 and the success and continuation of the magazine is all down to you, our readers.

Your input is invaluable. There have been times of material drought and other times when there has been plenty. I am confident that, with periodic encouragement, there will be much more to keep us going for the years ahead. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support.

I enjoy putting the magazine together, although interruptions from my workplace colleagues keep me sufficiently distracted but they do give me ideas for future issues. I also owe a debt of thanks to Sha and Annie for typing up your hand written letters and proof reading my atrocious grammar and spelling (even with spelling checker turned on) showing that I did not achieve good marks in my school English.

In the north of England, this winter has been dismal and many have suffered severe damage and misery from flood waters. As I am writing this, New York is experiencing severe snow storms. On the south coast we have fared much better but the ground is very soggy and the prospect of having my camera soaked by a sudden downpour has left me no choice but to leave photography till the spring. You may read into this that I do not like venturing out into the inclement Sussex countryside, but then, you are free to interpret as you wish.

Nostalgia is something that I am certain everyone experiences from time to time and whilst researching for the magazine, I 'bump' into things from the past that I had completely forgotten about. When my parents down sized, they threw away virtually all the family photographs that would have been a joy for my sisters and I to look through now. I can understand why they did so from a storage point of view but I enjoy looking through my old photos and contact prints, long since forgotten. Even the ones considered a complete disaster at the time have captured a split second in my life which I wanted to record for posterity but they did not turn out as I had hoped. I have boxes and boxes of those, in fact probably 98% of my photographs fall into that category, but I still will not throw them away.


  • Front Cover: "Tiger" by Michael Coles.
  • 3 In Passing by David Morgan
  • 4 A photo experience at Chichester Cathedral - Part 3 by Dáithí ó Scannláin
  • 8 Rollei 35mm projectors by David Morgan
  • 15 Your Forum
  • 16 On the Tele-Rolleiflex by Krill Chneerov
  • 20 Kodak Professional Image Enhancement Plug-ins
  • 22 Pictures from Luxor by Nick Histone
  • 26 A bit of nostalgia by John Wild
  • 30 Looking back by David Morgan
  • 30 At last...
  • 31 Sentimental Reasons by Patrick McCoole
  • Rear Cover: Pastoral by Peter Moyse and Eynsford by Anne Cooper

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