Club Rollei User – Issue 39

by John Wild on 12 December 2015

Hans Hartje, from DW PHOTO GmbH, recently sent an email and let me know that the new company started in May and they have spent most of this time in reorganizing the business. He says that they are now in a good position to support their customers. In the first three months they mainly offered a repair service. In the last eight weeks they have started producing accessories and lenses. He is pleased to report that there is a big demand for their products, not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Japan and China.

DW Photo GmbH are organising a new telephone number and email address which they hope to be in use in the next few weeks but in the meantime, they can be contacted by email at or by telephone on +49 159 0240 0240. I have sent them very best wishes for a successful future. David and I feel that the majority of readers have been less forthcoming with articles and photos. However, there are some regular contributors to whom we are indebted. It has been increasingly difficult to fill pages and therefore a greater load falls on David and me and we are conscious there is a risk of editorial topics becoming too narrow.

We believe that there are two options if contributions continue to fall; we either reduce the number of pages or that the frequency of publishing decreases, or both.

I do not want to consider resorting to either of these options. I can fill pages by increasing the size of photos or the font size but that will detract from the varied content that we currently enjoy.

Please consider sending in your photos, even if they have suffered from adverse storage because we can discuss ways of restoring the images to something like their former glory. Some anecdotes; I do not believe that you have not enjoyed many amusing times. Even if looking back to something that was embarrassing at the time, it must be something that can be viewed with amusement now. Tell us about it!

There have been a number of good sunsets around Bosham this summer, so I have been out with my panoramic camera, but I have not forgotten my SL66 and 6008. I have ventured out at sunrise too but I am not an avid early riser, so the later mornings of winter have given me some ideas for when it is frosty, which should be frequently if the forecasters are to be believed.

David and I take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Front Cover: "Four" by Philip Warren A.R.P.S.
3 In Passing by David Morgan
4 A Photographic Experience in Chichester Cathedral - Pt 2 by Dáithí ó Scannláin
10 Kunststück.of - a series of Artist’s Portraits taken with a Rolleiflex 6008 - Pt 2 by Volker Muth
14 Llanybydder Horse Sales by Pete Davis
18 Bosham Meeting, October 2105 by John Wild
20 Your Forum
21 Rolleiflex SL66E "E-rings" by John Wild
22 Postal Competition 2015

Rear Cover: "Abbey Steps" by Michael Coles

"The Race" by Brian Pearce

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