Club Rollei User – Issue 36

by John Wild on 8 February 2015

2015 is well underway now and the days are getting longer – in the northern hemisphere anyway – with the opportunity to get out and take photographs.

I like this time of the year because the shadows are longer, the sun being lower, creates good back lighting effects without pushing the film to its limits. Landscapes can be stark but there is detail, which is not visible once the spring growth gets underway. In truth, I like all times of the year, because they all have their own ‘ideal’ character and opportunity for photography. I just have to change my view of the surroundings.

Following the October meeting, having used Paul Lamb’s new DHW Rollei 35, I decided to send my 35S off to Newton Ellis in Liverpool, in the careful hands of David Morgan, for a clean and to adjust the focusing because the results that it produced were not as sharp as I believed they should be – certainly when compared to my 35B or 35SE.

Now returned – they have adjusted the meter for an alkaline battery - it is a joy to use and the images are crisp and bright. Comments from ‘digitalites’ are along the lines of “aren’t they sharp!”. No comment!

Because it is so pocketable, I am looking forward to taking it out with me on a regular basis. Set for average exposure and focused at the hyperfocal distance for the chosen aperture, thoughts of ‘dial tweaking’ should not be a consideration. I find this very efficient because I do not have to keep wasting time digging into my pocket to retrieve my glasses.

I hope that a number of you will be able to join us in Bradford in April because David Morgan is arranging for us to go around the National Media Museum and visit some other attractions.

Front Cover: "Spider's Web" by Philip Warren A.R.P.S.
3 In Passing by David Morgan
3 Rolleiflex UK, update by Paul Lamb
4 Some photos, Café Dreamy, other snippets and For Sale items
5 Rolleiflex 4.0FT by David Morgan
10 Jersey - A Look Back in Tme by Mike Genge
14 With my Rolleiflex by Kirill Chneerov
16 Some Microphotographs by Fred Nicholson
18 A Trip to Scotland with a Rollei Powerflex 210HD by Samantha Corbett
20 Grandpa in India circa 1916 by Brian Pearce
24 Photokina 2014 - part 2 by Emmanuel Bigler
28 One of the Family
30 Flash Bulbs by John Wild
18 Rollei Meeting in Bosham by John Wild
Rear Cover: High Tide at Bosham by John Wild

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