Club Rollei User – Issue 33

by John Wild on 16 May 2014

As I am typing this, the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky. I always find that on days such as this, everybody is cheery and in high spirits. It has been commented that even I have been known to find a smile!

Firstly, I must thank all those who have submitted articles since David's appeal. They are excellent and will be of interest to our other readers. There has only been space in this issue to print a few but do not worry, they are held over for next time. If your article does not appear here, it is just that I try to include a variety of topics in each edition.

Although I have a number in the pipeline, please continue to submit your articles because it means that I can fit the pieces into the quarterly jigsaw puzzle more easily!

Since the last issue, we have had a meeting in Tenterden. There were not many attendees but it is good to meet enthusiasts from other parts of the country and to discuss our various interests. I like to organise our spring meetings in different areas that, to me, always seem too far away but it is certainly worth the effort to visit such lovely locations to meet other members, and to take advantage of so many photographic opportunities.

I hardly ever find time to dust off a camera and go out to take photographs, so events such as these biannual meetings stir me into action and I quickly realise how much I like using my collection of Rolleis. I tend to favour a TLR because it is relatively light, self contained, compact and quick and easy to adjust - and of course attracts many comments from passers by who remember their parents or grandparents using a Rollei; I do not know whether to take as a compliment or not.

The weather was fair overall so we spent a good deal of time outside (including for lunch and early evening drinks!). Some photos from the places we visited are printed in this issue and more will be included in the next issue.

On the topic of cameras failing to work, I lent my son my Nikonos when he went diving in the Red Sea. It jammed up, so when he got home, I removed the film in a changing
bag and, when rewound, I loaded it into my baby 35T to finish the last dozen frames. I forgot how brilliant these little cameras are. Besides being compact, the results are amazingly sharp and the meter gives well exposed photos


Front Cover: "Sissinghurst" by Peter Moyse
3 Steve Barham relates
4 The Enlargers in my Life by Jim Graves
6 Leica enlargers
7 Film Supply by David Morgan
8 A 4x4 Rolleiflex in Retrospect by Malcolm Peaker
10 Ferrania and Postal Auction
11 Human Rangefinder Calculator by Thomas Achtemichuk
12 Your Forum
13 Agfa Rondinax by Malcolm Peaker
14 The day has come by Ian Parker
18 The Rollei Pocketline 200 by David Morgan
22 A Photographic Experience at Chichester Cathedral by by Dáithí ó Scannláin
26 The Rolleiflex 2.8FX-N by David Morgan
28 Tenterden, April 2014 Photos by Peter Moyse and David Morgan
30 Photomicrography by Fred Nicholson
31 Linna Xu won the Packaging category of the 2010 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Rear Cover: Tenterden, April 2014 photos by David Morgan and John Wild

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