Club Rollei User – Issue 31

by John Wild on 17 November 2013

As an update to my purchase of a Rolleivision 66 AV audio visual system at Photographica in May; David Morgan kindly provided me with an English version of the projector User Manual. The MD225 Digital manual was somewhat illusive on the Internet, so an email to DHW who, very helpfully, provided a copy, unfortunately in German. At the October meeting, I tried to get the system to work so as to show off my new 'toy'. No luck; the manual made no sense, even with pictures. One projector was put to use showing some of Peter Moyse's slides, a most rewarding show. I had some time after the meeting (of which I spent too much with Google Translate!) resulting in a sort of understandable version. My efforts were kindly fine tuned by Wulf and Dagmar Koehler. I now have to try to make the system perform as intended...

I had recently been emailed by the Royal Photographic Society with notification that there was to be "An exclusive 3D presentation and lecture to celebrate the publication of the London Stereoscopic Company's Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell by Dr Brian H May CBE, Denis Pellerin and Paul Fleming." to be held in London.

"The authors - led by Queen guitarist, astronomer and photo-historian Brian May - will present a Gothic Victorian underworld of temptation, seduction, retribution and devilish fun brought alive in colour and 3D."

From Wikipedia: "Les Diableries is the title of a series of stereoscopic photographs published in Paris during the 1860s. The photographs, commonly known as stereoviews, portray sculpted clay vignettes which depict scenes of daily life in Hell. Much of the subject matter was satirical and mirrored the corruption and excess of Paris during the Second Empire. Napoleon III’s authoritarian rule was repeatedly the subject of criticism, as was the decadent lifestyle of the bourgeoisie."

However, whilst reading the manuals for my 'new' projection equipment, I noted that it was possible to use them for a stereoscopic slide show... Thus the RPS lecture had added interest besides listening to Brian May!

Hopefully I will be able to demonstrate stereoscopic projection, as well as panoramic shows, of which this system is capable, at the next October meeting.

Front Cover: A Walk in Winter by Peter Moyse - Postal competition winner
3 In Passing by David Morgan
4 The Rolleiflex 4x4 "Sport" by John Wild
8 Portraiture with a Rolleiflex 6008 professional - a field report by Volker Muth 17 Kodak Film Availability by David Morgan
18 The Rolleiscop Projector by David Morgan
19 The new Rollei website at
20 Club Postal Competition 2013
31 Your Forum
Rear Cover: Photos from the trip to Arundel Castle

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