Club Rollei User – Issue 30

by John Wild on 25 August 2013

I have recently been to Germany for a long weekend and although I took my Rolleiflex 3003 with half a dozen rolls of films, it never left its bag.
I went to Photographica but I did not see any familiar faces besides David Morgan... Whether totally mad or I just have a penchant for buying things, I don't know, but I purchased a complete Rolleivision 66 audio visual kit with two projectors and an electronic box for fade control. There was the interesting prospect of lugging them back to Victoria station. Fortunately Bob, my partner in crime likes camera cases and had just bought two. We looked like pack mules on the return journey. Sneaking them into the house was not an option on this occasion and I was greeted with "What do you want those for? Where are you going to put them?" I was lost for an appropriate reply, partly because I was out of breath at the time, having just staggered up the stairs with my trophies!
My daughter's sports day loomed and I fancied giving my Tele Rolleiflex an airing. It was the start of the sunny summer weather. Having parked the car under a tree, I sat down to load a film, opened the camera back and to my horror - no take up spool.
A couple of weeks ago, I went with my son Toby to the Ardingly Vintage and Classic Vehicle Show near Crawley. We were browsing for spare parts for Toby's MG Midget restoration project. I spotted two rolls of Agfapan 100 Minox film, dated 1987 and 1990, I offered 50 pence each but the stall holder was adamant that 50p for the pair was the price. I exposed one to see if it would 'work'. I have a Minox developing tank - never used by me before, so I read the instructions and had a play. A very clever system; total daylight operation. The film cartridge is loaded into the tank spiral and the film, with a keyhole at the end is clipped over a screw head, the spiral placed in the tank and the centre of the spiral protruding from the lid is rotated, winding the film into the tank. The tank holds 53ml of chemical and my schoolboy arithmetic failed me as I poured 5ml of Rodinal to dilute at 1+50 to give 55ml! That mix was used to later develop two 35mm films. On removing the tank lid, the film was still in the cartridge, the keyhole having torn. On the spur of the moment I pulled all the film from the cartridge to check if it had been subjected to chemical, which it hadn't. Stupid really; in retrospect I could have re-attached it and had another go - there were potentially some good shots taken at about 7.00pm with a low sun over Bosham harbour with people picknicking on Quay Meadow. The second film was fine. So it is worth giving old B&W film a chance. The 1979 Kodacolor 126 films I bought at Photographica does not work - not even the frame numbers; anyway I just wanted it for the plastic cartridges...


Front Cover: Mica drying lagoon, Carluddon by Harry Kitchen
3 In Passing by David Morgan
4 TheWZFO Start by Ian Parker
6 Through the Viewfinder Metering on a SL66 by David Runyard
9 Club Rollei Postal Auction results
10 The Rolleimarin at Neustadt by Franz Rothbrust
11 The Film and Photographic Museum at Deidesheim by John Wild
12 Ilford's 'special' ULF film sizes
13 WestLicht Photographica Auction - May 2013
14 Photographers with their Rolleiflexes
16 A Selection by Harry Kitchen
18 Photography with Rolleiflex and Rolleicord - September 1938
19 Your Forum
20 Plus ça change... by David Morgan
22 Takeaway people by Brian Pearce F.R.P.S.
28 Bruges, a city tour by Denis Camp, A.R.P.S.
Rear Cover: Krokodil by Wulf H. Koehler

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