Club Rollei User – Issue 20

by John Wild on 20 January 2011

Well, the snow came and went, as did Christmas; we now have another year ahead and can look forward to the longer days with the warmth of sunshine bringing out the green leaves and colour of spring. There will certainly be ideal opportunities to exercise your shutters and submit some photos for forthcoming issues and of course, the October competition, which will be judged by Brian Pearce this year.

Having woken up, that morning before Christmas, and seen the whiteness all around, I wrapped up warmly and ventured forth into the snow – it did actually snow here in Bosham, a rarity being right on the south coast, but we did not have nearly as much as the rest of the country. Also a rarity, I went with my wife and children up to London for a few days between Christmas and the New Year to visit a few museums and see the Christmas decorations along Oxford and Regent Streets. A good time to take my camera to finish the film that I had started during our family festivities – or so I thought...

As it turned out, having arrived for the family gathering a little late, I got out of the car with the intention of loading a film; I was called away to help. I returned to the car, grabbed my camera bag, rushed in, said my hellos, pulled out my camera, put the flash on and started snapping away.
When in London, I asked my wife to read the film counter because I did not have my glasses on; she replied, “zero”! Confound it - I couldn’t have loaded the film properly. All those family candids not recorded...

I was thinking outloud, “Do I open the back...?”. My wife said  “You can see if you have a film loaded by looking through the window!”. “I didn’t think of that!”

No film loaded! I cast my mind back; having been ‘disturbed’ during the process of pulling my camera out to load the film, on my return, I had assumed that I had completed that process and just started snapping away. That’s the first time that I’ve done that but probably won’t be that last!
Anyway, in the end I used a digital camera in London...


Front Cover: Crystal Glass by John Wild L.R.P.S.
3 Rollei 6000 Lenses - a question by Raymund Livesey
3 Camera Case Repairs by David Morgan
4 Seen in Amateur Photographer...
4 Your Forum
4 The Future of Rollei by David Morgan
4 Wanted
5 Die klassischen zweiäugigen Rolleiflex
6 Bronica ETR-Si plus Rollei 6008i by Wolfram Borgis
7 For Sale
8 The Classic Rollei, a Definitive Guide - a review by David Morgan
10 The Rolleiflex SL66 Shift Adapter
11 For Sale and Wanted
11 Your Forum continued
12 Readers Photos
14 Photos from the October Meeting
15 Rollei Projection Attachment by John Wild L.R.P.S.
22 Quick Bayonet Mount for Rollei 35mm SLR Cameras by Gerald Davies
24 TLR Mirror Re-coating
25 Your Forum continued
25 Mike Anson's Caption Competition
25 Autumn Print Competition Judge
26 Times 2 Tele-converters by Ken Williams
28 The Humber Crossings by Kenneth Hallsworth
Back Cover: Photos by Ken Roberts

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