Club Rollei User – Issue 18

by John Wild on 1 July 2010

As far as I am concerned, most of this summer has been fine. It has been dry and sunny with only a little rain. I started to cycle the six miles to work each day when the clocks went forward; being a 'fair weather' cyclist, it seems that I have been doing a lot of cycling since then, hence I know so far it's been a good summer. I do not know what the summer has been like elsewhere but I am sure there are still many opportunities to get your cameras out and take some photographs.

The summer season around Chichester is in full flow. There was the Goodwood 'Festival of Speed' a few weeks ago and then the Chichester Festivities; this coming week is horse racing at 'Glorious Goodwood' which is followed by Cowes Week for the sailing fraternity. A new event for this year is 'Vintage at Goodwood', a festival of all that has been great in the way of fashion, music, film, art, and design from the 40's, 50's, 60's and so on. Then finally there is the 'Goodwood Revival' with historical cars and motor racing.

I would really enjoy getting out and about with my camera to record much of what is happening locally. Sadly, other commitments prevent me from attending. However I do keep telling myself that prioritisation is very important - "Put off today, what you can do tomorrow and do today what you can't do tomorrow". Unfortunately, it never works out as I had planned; there is so much happening that I can't do tomorrow, that the commitments that I can do tomorrow become something that I can no longer put off until tomorrow (if you understand what I mean)! The end result is that I do not get out with my camera very often. I expect that most of you end up in the same situation.

With mention of these photographs that you and I should be taking, reminds me that Denis Camp has once again offered to judge the autumn print competition (although he says it will be the last time, so I hope a volunteer will step forward to take over). I am sure that with the good weather you will definitely have the urge to exercise your cameras on a walk and take some photographs that you can enter. Please see the separate detail sheet, but remember to send your photos to Denis by 30th September. Yet another future topic is the postal auction that David Morgan has reminded me he is going to organise in January. Further details will be sent out with the October issue, but in the meantime you may like to search your secret hiding places to find 'lost' items to into the auction


Front Cover: Radcliffe Camera by Nick Cistone
3 The Polaroid Experience by John Wild L.R.P.S.
4 Voigtländer Prototype TLR's by Ian Parker
6 The Face Behind the Mask by Denis Camp A.R.P.S.
7 The Moving Motor Show by Tom Riddle
8 Your Forum
8 How to take your Own Photo - Anon
9 The Old School of Photography by Nick Cistone
9 Arundel Photographica by David Morgan
11 Rollei 16 and Edixa 16 Film
12 Restitching a Camera Case by Bill Davis
13 Wanted
14 Rollei SL66 - Anatomy of a Camera provided by Wulf Koehler
16 Whitby Meeting, April 2010 by David Morgan
26 Rolleiflex SL66SE - Light Leak by John Wild L.R.P.S.
Back Cover: Whitby from Station Pier by Peter Moyse

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