Club Rollei User – Issue 16

by John Wild on 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

This issue completes the fourth year under my editorship. After an uncertain number of months during which Franke and Heidecke were in administration, I am pleased to see in the press, that hopefully the name of ‘Rollei’ will probably continue, although under different ownership (see report on next page). Another feature this year is that the increase in the number of pages in the magazine has been made possible by the greater number of submissions.

This is excellent but does entail an increase in printing and postage costs so, unfortunately, subscriptions have been increased to reflect this. The unexpected snow in the UK, which has brought much of the country to a standstill (we have a lot to learn from those countries that treat snow as a way of life for many months of the year) should have been an opportunity to get out and take some photos of the wonderful landscape. By the time you read this, it will all have melted but just remember to increase the exposure meter reading by about 2 stops so that the snow records as white and not grey.

This issue has many photographs which tells me that a number of you are getting your cameras out of the case and putting films through them. When I put a film in a camera, I find that I have to make a concerted effort to actually finish it. Having other challenges on my plate, it is all too easy to put the camera down with a part exposed roll of film and then to forget it is there, only to suddenly find it again and wonder what photographs are recorded therein.

When I bought my first camera, a Brownie 127, from my eldest sister, my Father always said I was ‘trigger happy’ especially as he paid for my films to be developed! Further to my ‘Digital Contact Sheets’ article in CRU Issue 10, I have started to digitally contact print all my negative strips using my Canon EOS 400D... maybe my father was right - I am trigger happy but I have recorded many memorable moments. I am considering whether to produce a ‘digital photographic autobiography’ and then send it up to one of the companies on the Internet to have it printed...


Front Cover: Tomoko by Denis Camp A.R.P.S.
3 The Future of Rollei... by David Morgan
3 Club Rollei Postal Auction
3 Spring Meeting in Whitby
3 Kodachrome 64 Availability
4 “Oranges are not the only fruit” by Anne Cooper
8 35mm Panoramas with a Rolleiflex SL66 by John Wild L.R.P.S.
12 Linen Poppies and Roses by Brian Brading
13 Your Forum
13 Tales of the Unexpected with a Rolleiflex T by Jim Graves
14 Whitby Photos by Denis Camp A.R.P.S.
16 Photographs from the October Meeting 2009
19 Storage of Equipment by David Morgan
19 Wanted
20 E. Chambré Hardman Archive
22 The Roy Hargreaves Story by Raymund Livesey
24 Rollei Lenses on a Canon EOS 400D by John Wild L.R.P.S.
27 Autumn Rose by David Morgan
Back Cover: Bosham in the snow

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