Club Rollei User – Issue 4

by John Wild on 1 January 2007

This is the fourth issue, completing our first year since Ian Parker’s retirement. I have found the experience challenging, as well as rewarding and have learnt a great deal from all your correspondence and contributions. We have got off to a good start, despite a few hiccoughs; we established the format of the club, organised the editing, printing and circulation of the magazine and opened a bank account. We have had a good supply of contributions (so much so, that some will have to wait until the next issue to see the light of day) and many favourable comments about the quality of the magazine. I would like to thank everybody who has helped by submiting letters, articles and photographs, covering such a wide spectrum, which has made the magazine varied and interesting. Also of course to those who have been so encouraging in their letters and emails, which has been most welcome, so please keep it up. We had a well attended and most enjoyable club weekend meeting in November – see the report on page 5.

Wolfgang Freihan, was disappointed with the quality of the printing of CRU Issue 3. He felt that readers did not benefit from seeing the true striking impact of his photographs; the saturation was weak and the hues were a little ‘off’. Unfortunately, I have to agree. The printers had had a problem with achieving good blacks but the printing still did not look ‘right’. I must confess that I accepted the quality of the last proof because time was marching on. With Wolfgang’s criticism burning my ear, I resumed my original quest of searching for a suitable printer so that we could print in-house. This has now been installed and I hope that you will notice a difference. It does mean that pictures will no longer ‘bleed’ off the page but I am sure that will not detract from the content.

With this improvement in place, I have reprinted Wolfgang’s pictures as an addendum for Issue 3 and I am sure you will notice the difference. However there is a problem with ‘ghosting’ around the text in certain coloured page headers, which I will try to resolve before the next issue. It may be due to ‘trapping’ but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Front Cover: ‘Peacock feather’ by Wolfram Borgis
3 Latest news from Franke & Heidecke, Sinar and Jenoptik
4 ‘A trying journey to a great weekend’ by Dáithí ó Scannláin
5 Club Rollei meeting - November 2006
8 The Rollei SL 66 “Aquamarin” housing - part 2 by Wolfgang Freihen
12 Rollei’s best camera - the SL66? by Ian Parker
13 Your Forum
15 Sales and Wants
16 Rollei 35RF by Ken Williams
19 Contributions on Macro by Wolfram Borgis
Back Cover: Photographs from the club meeting

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