Club Postal Competition Awards 2014

by John Wild on 23 December 2014

Remembrance... In memory of the many men, women and children from all nations who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars.

This years competition is judged by Denis Camp A.R.P.S



It certainly brings back memories. I like everything about this print. Excellent idea to show the camera and the arrangements of black an white prints and a good Choice of Background.

BEST PRINT - Memories- Brian Pearce

BEST PRINT - Grandpa in India c.1916 (Memories) - Brian Pearce


I did like this picture of the Newcastle Bridge, although taken on a cloudy day; it makes for an excellent reflection. Camera detail is good, nicely printed, camera not stated, a subject that would do well with a Rollei T.L.R.

RUNNER UP - Newcastle upon Tyne Bridge - Phillip Warren

RUNNER UP - Newcastle upon Tyne Bridge - Phillip Warren


Oriental Lily - Wolfam Borgis
Pair of Knockers - Raymund Livesey
Panda - Samantha Corbett
Reflections - Ian Parker

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Other Entries

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