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Club Rollei User – Issue 47

by John Wild

John is nostalgic about an old photography book he owned when he was a young man. All he can recall is that the word ‘Photography’ is in the title. He has now set himself a task to track down a replacement copy…. Good Luck to him… for the rest of us we have another book with ‘Rollei’ in the title to read.

Club Rollei User – Issue 46

by John Wild

Shouldn’t technology just work? Well not for John as he battles with the printer that makes pulling together a magazine just that little bit harder. He has still managed to find some time to buy a new camera though!

Club Rollei User – Issue 45

by John Wild
CRU Issue 45 Cover

Bosham proves to be a photo lovers dream with not only stunning scenes for the taking, but many galleries showcasing the skills of some well known photographers. John shares his favourite galleries and considers his collection.

Club Rollei User – Issue 44

by John Wild

Waders and waterproof tripods are the order of the day in Bosham… That is not the only thing coming back into fashion in Issue 44 of Club Rollei User.

Club Rollei User – Issue 43

by John Wild

Autumn and Winter have flown by and the weather has not provided the best opportunities for photography. At least a pump and a white wall can be reliable fodder for the frustrated photographer!

Club Rollei User – Issue 42

by John Wild

John takes advantage of being stranded in Bosham to capture some twilight photos… The skill is being in the right place at the right time for the photo opportunity and also so you don’t flood your car!

Club Rollei User – Issue 41

by John Wild
"Alina" by Carlos Manuel Freaza

John takes his Rollei equipment on an outing in Worcester. Find out about his ‘successful’ trip and see the surviving photos on the back cover of the magazine.

Club Rollei User – Issue 40

by John Wild

With the 40th issue representing 10 years since John and David took over as editors, John reminisces on some of the earlier issues and plans to keep Club Rollei User going for many more years to come.

Club Rollei User – Issue 39

by John Wild

DW Photo GmbH opened in May with some good demand for their products. John is also interested in your anecdotes and classic photos to keep the magazine full and published quarterly…well at least 4 times a year.

Club Rollei User – Issue 38

by John Wild

John questions whether the digitalisation of practically everything is cheapening our memories. Physical items have a history and provide insight into the time that item was owned and used. Perhaps the return of vinyl records will be the start of a resurgence of other physical items that are now all but digitalised… bring back film!

Club Rollei User – Issue 37

by John Wild

John explores the market for camera bargains and continues to be amazed at the price erosion for what were once expensive items. Good Price today may not be a good price tomorrow. Who is the greater fool?