First and foremost, I must apologise to Peter Moyse for printing his winning photo back to front on the front cover of the last issue. The error was pointed out to me by Brian Pearce, who had judged the competition – I had inadvertently flipped the trans- parency when putting it in the scanner.

Whilst browsing photographic items on Ebay and at camera fairs, it has come to my notice that for a number of the more numerous popular cameras offered for sale, the asking price for instruction manuals is greater than that for the camera or accessory itself. This can also apply to accessories such as cases and filters.

The question that I ask myself is, if nobody is buying the cameras, who needs an instruction manual. I have also noticed at camera fairs that dealers will often offer items at prices that are way over the top and these items will be on display at camera fair after camera fair, never to be sold. I do not see the point of carrying these items back and forth with very little chance of selling them at such ridiculous prices. They would be better actually making a sale at a lower price.

Another point about camera fairs is that at one fair there may be multiples of one particular item, for example Olympus Trips. If I later think I would like to buy a Trip at the next fair, when I get there, there are none but there are a plethora of, for example, Canon Canonets. I will not then be able to find a Trip for months, by which time I have lost interest. It must be a way of encouraging me to keep my money in my pocket, frustrating though!

With all the rain, there are many unlucky people who have had their homes flooded and they still may be unable to return to their homes. I hope that none of our readers have found themselves in that unfortunate situation. In Bosham, most people have been fortunate to avoid high water levels although on 3rd January, there was a combination of high tide and strong winds which caused the sea to come into the High Street and over the quay.

I took my camera out to take a few photos – Not a Rollei I should add, but my Nikonos underwater camera. The spray thrown up by the wind found its way into every nook and cranny! In the centre left hand photo on page 6, the warning sign that says “Road liable to flood at high tide” is only just visible and half an hour later was totally submerged.

The combination of wind over a high spring tide is a common occurrence in Bosham; houses along the front all have small ‘dams’ in their gateways to prevent the sea flooding their property.

Front Cover: “Just Fishing” by Anthony Sandles 3 In Passing by David Morgan
4 Bosham – 3rd January 2014 by John Wild
6 The Yashica Challenge by David Morgan
9 Reader’s Photos
10 Ice Patterns by John Wild
12 A Classic Rolleiflex with a modern meter by Sven Keller
16 Franke & Heidecke Pre-war Camera Production
18 Your Forum
20 The Development of the Hans Hass ROLLEImarin System by Franz Rothbrust
Rear Cover: Keighley & Worth Valley Railway by Colin Wilson

Club Rollei User – Issue 31

by John Wild
"A Walk in Winter" by Peter Moyse

The Rolleivision 66 AV audiovisual system proves to be a challenging project as John continues to gather manuals and translations to make it work. Maybe a lecture by Dr Brian May will help?

Club Rollei User – Issue 30

by John Wild
Mica Drying Lagoon, Carluddon. 1990's by Harry Kitchen.

John travels to Photographica in Germany to find a Rolleivision 66 audio visual kit… getting it home is only half the challenge. He also experiments with some 20+ year old Agfapan film to varying degrees of success.

Club Rollei User – Issue 29

by John Wild
1953 Press Photo:  Lotte Hass on expedition to explore the Caribbean

John has had some holidays over the last couple of months and laments the time that the internet has stolen from him.

2.8F versus 2.8E2?

by David Morgan
Would you choose this over the 2.8E2?

With the 2.8F being one of the top 3 cameras amongst our members (by ownership) is Pearlman’s inferred criticism of it enough to deter the Rollei buyer

Club Rollei User – Issue 28

by John Wild
Winter Woods by Danny McClure 
Camera: Rolleiflex Automat

When you are in the right place at the right time, having the right (any) camera at the ready is also very important… what is that camera? John also considers the longevity of cameras and cars as we march forward into 2013

Club Rollei User – Issue 27

by John Wild
"Today's Catch" by Ian Parker - Winner of the Club Postal Competition 2012
Rollei Powerflex 470 at telephoto equivalent of 196 mm on 35mm camera

The weather provides a great opportunity to take the underwater camera out in Bosham… but a simple slip and you can lose all those hard earned photos.

Club Rollei User – Issue 26

by John Wild
Rolleimarin No. 504
now restored - photo by Franz Rothbrust
with a superimposed photo of the group on the beach at Tossa de Mar by Sid Machen
Oriol Riba, Andrés Clarós, Lothar Seveke, Wolfgang Blank (seated), Christian Jeanrond, Jean Grepinet and Franz Rothbrust

In this issue, it may appear that we have ceased to be a Rollei camera magazine and instead have become a sub-aquatic magazine. Scuba diving and underwater photography are now common place, but not many years ago, the concept of underwater diving and underwater photography was limited to a handful of people. It had become […]

A Little Giant Called Harry

by Jim Graves
Rollei 35SE

The life of a Rollei 35SE… coincided nicely with the birth of Jim’s Grandson.

Club Rollei User – Issue 25

by John Wild
Club Rollei Issue 25 - Cover

2012 is turning out to be a very busy year with holidays, Photographica and the Olympics. John still found time to print some 35mm negatives from his collection on monochrome canvas prints…. and was very pleased with the result.

Club Rollei User – Issue 24

by John Wild
Cover for the January 2012 Club Rollei User

Recently Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection. John takes a look in how it’s forward looking view on photography was not forward looking enough.