We have had inclement weather recently and I have not wanted to dust off my cameras. However, once again, having undertaken decision making as to what I should take with me - this time to Worcester - my Tele-Rolleiflex and 2.8F saw the light of day. I have accumulated many flashbulbs and thought it would be an opportunity to work my way through them whilst visiting the Morgan car factory in Malvern. Having checked that all was working correctly, I loaded everything into three camera bags. The flash together with bulbs filled one on their own!

Having got to Worcester, I thought that using a bulb flash in an industrial environment where there may be potentially flammable atmospheric dust, would not be the wisest choice. The Rolleiflash stayed in its bag. As it turned out, HP5 Plus uprated to 1600 ISO was adequate for the available lighting.

The weather patterns settled for the better and the Worcester sun shone. We had an enjoyable, interesting and informative couple of days with many photo opportunities.

Unfortunately, the film thickness roller starting the film counter on my 2.8F failed to register after one film and subsequent films wound straight through. I had the task of rewinding three films - used to confirm the fault - on my return home. I duly processed the five rolls that had wound correctly. Some photos are on the back cover.


Front Cover: "Alina" by Carlos Manuel Freaza.

3 In Passing by David Morgan
4 A Wet Hell by Dáithí ó Scannláin
6 Letter from Rollei-Werke to Patrick McCoole
8 A brief Logbook by Carlos Manuel Freaza.
18 Rollei Infrared Film and Big Boys Toys by John Wild; For Sale
20 Mock not the Charity Shop by Jim Graves; Your Forum
21 The Sunken Treasures of a Paris Canal
22 Pearl Diving with a Rolleicord in Tsarkoye Selo by Kirill Chneerov
28 The Importance of Elsewhere - Philip Larkins Photographs reviewed by David Beake
30 The Mint InstaFlex TL70
31 Sir Kenneth Corfield - 27 January 1924 to 11 January 2016; Postal Auction

Rear Cover: Photos from Worcester by John Wild

Peter Moyse

by David Morgan
It is with deep sadness that we record the passing of Peter
Moyse quite suddenly on 27th April 2016 following a heart

It is with deep sadness that we record the passing of Peter Moyse quite suddenly on 27th April 2016 following a heart attack.

Club Rollei User – Issue 40

by John Wild

With the 40th issue representing 10 years since John and David took over as editors, John reminisces on some of the earlier issues and plans to keep Club Rollei User going for many more years to come.

Club Rollei User – Issue 39

by John Wild
"Four" by Philip Warren A.R.P.S
Winner of the Postal Competition 2015

DW Photo GmbH opened in May with some good demand for their products. John is also interested in your anecdotes and classic photos to keep the magazine full and published quarterly…well at least 4 times a year.

Club Rollei User – Issue 38

by John Wild
"Katy take the Biscuit" by Michael Coles

John questions whether the digitalisation of practically everything is cheapening our memories. Physical items have a history and provide insight into the time that item was owned and used. Perhaps the return of vinyl records will be the start of a resurgence of other physical items that are now all but digitalised… bring back film!

Club Rollei User – Issue 37

by John Wild
"Awaiting the Catch" by Danny McClure

John explores the market for camera bargains and continues to be amazed at the price erosion for what were once expensive items. Good Price today may not be a good price tomorrow. Who is the greater fool?

Club Rollei User – Issue 36

by John Wild
Spiders Web by Philip Warren

John is enjoying his winter photography. Even so, he began Spring cleaning early by giving his Rollei 35S an overhaul. The results were well worth the effort. The next club meet is in April in Bradford and he looks forward to seeing many of you there.

Club Rollei User – Issue 35

by John Wild
Poppies at the Tower of London

20,000 Negatives catalogued and with a matching contact print collected over 50 years. How quickly would you collect that many photos in the digital age and is it better?

Club Postal Competition Awards 2014

by John Wild
'In Flanders Fields' - Denis Camp

Remembrance… In memory of the many men, women and children from all nations who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars.

Club Rollei User – Issue 34

by John Wild
St George (Marble Arch, London)  by Peter Moyse

John’s son Toby completes the channel swim and raised over £10,000 for TCT. With all the training and waiting it proved a great opportunity to use all that out of date film. The results create some ‘period’ results.

Club Rollei User – Issue 33

by John Wild
Sissinghurst by Peter Moyse - Rolleiflex 2.8F

The recent biannual club meeting in Kent prompted thoughts as to the best camera to take on such outings. John’s choice was the TLR with this issue showcasing some of his and others work. He also recovers some film from a jammed Nikonos for use in his Baby 35T.