In the last issue, I remarked on how quickly the summer had gone, now I find that the winter has flown by too. I did manage to cut my hedge before winter set in, but Ihave not had time to have a haircut!

In the south of England the weather has been favourable for taking photographs -not much rain, plenty of sun and temperatures hovering about freezing. Although, on the coast, a brisk wind finds its way into the warmest of jackets.

I have continued my project of photographing Bosham Harbour and have taken to wandering about with waders, now not having to worry about my wellington boots filling up with water when a wave catches me unawares. My tripod has sealed legs so water ingress is not a concern - just a rinse in fresh water after an outing. David Morgan has mentioned Kodak Ektachrome on the next page. I was surprised to also read about it in the Daily Mail national daily newspaper. "It is a modern contradiction that more photographs than ever are taken on smartphones and digital cameras, yet no one ever prints them out.".

This is a point about which I have been fully aware, not only from my family's point of view, but from a number of friends who happily snap away but only show a few images on the screen to close friends.

The nostalgia of film is not the only product that is seeing a resurgence – vinyl records are selling well, apparently a 53% rise in sales in 2016, and in another paragraph in the same article it was reported that a luxury hotel plans to rip out its electronic locks and replace them with traditional key locks. Although that is not from the nostalgic point of view but because their key card system had been hacked and the hackers had locked all the hotel bedrooms and were blackmailing the hotel. I think it is a certainty that no one would be able to hack a twin lens Rolleiflex, so that is one area that will not give us concern.

We have had a slowly diminishing number of readers attending our spring meeting and so David and I have decided that this year the two of us will possibly arrange to meet sometime in May, possibly around Chester or Liverpool. If anyone is interested, let me know and we can firm up some details. Suggestions for a venue welcome.

I am confidently looking forward to the next few months having photo productive weather; but I will not rely on the forecasters.

Club Rollei User – Issue 43

by John Wild

Autumn and Winter have flown by and the weather has not provided the best opportunities for photography. At least a pump and a white wall can be reliable fodder for the frustrated photographer!

Club Rollei User – Issue 42

by John Wild

John takes advantage of being stranded in Bosham to capture some twilight photos… The skill is being in the right place at the right time for the photo opportunity and also so you don’t flood your car!

Club Rollei User – Issue 41

by John Wild
"Alina" by Carlos Manuel Freaza

John takes his Rollei equipment on an outing in Worcester. Find out about his ‘successful’ trip and see the surviving photos on the back cover of the magazine.

Peter Moyse

by David Morgan

It is with deep sadness that we record the passing of Peter Moyse quite suddenly on 27th April 2016 following a heart attack.

Club Rollei User – Issue 40

by John Wild

With the 40th issue representing 10 years since John and David took over as editors, John reminisces on some of the earlier issues and plans to keep Club Rollei User going for many more years to come.

Club Rollei User – Issue 39

by John Wild

DW Photo GmbH opened in May with some good demand for their products. John is also interested in your anecdotes and classic photos to keep the magazine full and published quarterly…well at least 4 times a year.

Club Rollei User – Issue 38

by John Wild

John questions whether the digitalisation of practically everything is cheapening our memories. Physical items have a history and provide insight into the time that item was owned and used. Perhaps the return of vinyl records will be the start of a resurgence of other physical items that are now all but digitalised… bring back film!

Club Rollei User – Issue 37

by John Wild

John explores the market for camera bargains and continues to be amazed at the price erosion for what were once expensive items. Good Price today may not be a good price tomorrow. Who is the greater fool?

Club Rollei User – Issue 36

by John Wild

John is enjoying his winter photography. Even so, he began Spring cleaning early by giving his Rollei 35S an overhaul. The results were well worth the effort. The next club meet is in April in Bradford and he looks forward to seeing many of you there.

Club Rollei User – Issue 35

by John Wild
Poppies at the Tower of London

20,000 Negatives catalogued and with a matching contact print collected over 50 years. How quickly would you collect that many photos in the digital age and is it better?