Club Rollei User – Issue 35

by John Wild on 23 December 2014

As I write this, the clocks have now gone back one hour and I have a roll of colour transparency film in my SL66 to finish so that I can use some of the photos in this issue – and it is overcast, but not raining… Night time shots are non the worse for cloud; the weather is set to change to fair. Decisions, decisions… decision made; no more space!

I will always harp on about my dislike of digital, although I have some ‘pocket compact’ digitals and a Canon 400D SLR. For me, they do have their uses; photos to send in emails and quick illustrative ‘snaps’ to use in the magazine. I have a few hundred, possibly too many hundreds of images, which if I lose through corruption or hardware failure, I will not have sleepless nights over. I do have, at the last estimate, about 20,000 negatives/transparencies stored in folders with their respective contact print – some digitally produced. I have been taking photos for about 50 years. My father used to say I was ‘trigger happy’!

One of my sons-in-law recently mentioned that he is uploading his image files to the ‘cloud’ for safe storage. He has been using a camera for about five years. He told me that he has been uploading continuously for two months from one disk drive. He has a second disk to upload when the first one has finished. Each drive is one terabyte. He has 30,000 images per drive and the program uploads 700 to 800 files per day. Whilst on safari a couple of years ago, he took 3,000 images – “just keep pressing the shutter button, it doesn’t cost anything!”

To me, that says it all. Digital images cost nothing once the equipment has been paid for. There is no need to think about a shot; if you take enough, hopefully one will turn out OK. The biggest downside of that ethos is firstly, you have to file/catalogue all the images and secondly, you have to back them up regularly so that you do not lose anything through failure. To be extra safe, you backup the backup. Then you have to catalogue the backups!

Apparently, my other my son-in-law has a much larger quantity. I’m quite happy with my 20,000 mole hill; but that is slowly getting bigger and bigger…

Front Cover: “Poppies at the Tower of London” by Samantha Corbett
3 Rollei Independent Accessories by David Morgan
4 Classic Rolleis used in Recent Advertising
5 Battery Supply by David Morgan
5 Camera Repairers and For Sale
6 Rolleiflex UK – Interview with Paul Lamb
8 Photokina 2014 by Emmanuel Bigler
12 The Bosham Gallery
12 Postal Auction results
13 Film Supply by David Morgan
14 A walk about at Bridgetown Priory – part 3 by Dáithí ó Scannláin
17 “Informal Portrait” by Michael Coles
18 Rollei Meeting in Bosham by John Wild
19 Using the DHW Rolleiflex 2.8FX and Rollei 35S by John Wild and David Morgan
21 Postal Competition Entries
Rear Cover: “Double Autumn Rainbow” by Sha Wild

Club Postal Competition Awards 2014

by John Wild
'In Flanders Fields' - Denis Camp

Remembrance… In memory of the many men, women and children from all nations who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars.

Club Rollei User – Issue 34

by John Wild
St George (Marble Arch, London)  by Peter Moyse

John’s son Toby completes the channel swim and raised over £10,000 for TCT. With all the training and waiting it proved a great opportunity to use all that out of date film. The results create some ‘period’ results.

Club Rollei User – Issue 33

by John Wild
Sissinghurst by Peter Moyse - Rolleiflex 2.8F

The recent biannual club meeting in Kent prompted thoughts as to the best camera to take on such outings. John’s choice was the TLR with this issue showcasing some of his and others work. He also recovers some film from a jammed Nikonos for use in his Baby 35T.

Club Rollei User – Issue 32

by John Wild
Just Fishing by Anthony Sandles

John is frustrated by the Murphy’s law of camera market fairs… When you want it, you can’t find it! The floods come to Bosham, is he prepared to risk his Rollei to get some photos?

Club Rollei User – Issue 31

by John Wild
"A Walk in Winter" by Peter Moyse

The Rolleivision 66 AV audiovisual system proves to be a challenging project as John continues to gather manuals and translations to make it work. Maybe a lecture by Dr Brian May will help?

Club Rollei User – Issue 30

by John Wild
Mica Drying Lagoon, Carluddon. 1990's by Harry Kitchen.

John travels to Photographica in Germany to find a Rolleivision 66 audio visual kit… getting it home is only half the challenge. He also experiments with some 20+ year old Agfapan film to varying degrees of success.

Club Rollei User – Issue 29

by John Wild
1953 Press Photo:  Lotte Hass on expedition to explore the Caribbean

John has had some holidays over the last couple of months and laments the time that the internet has stolen from him.

2.8F versus 2.8E2?

by David Morgan
Would you choose this over the 2.8E2?

With the 2.8F being one of the top 3 cameras amongst our members (by ownership) is Pearlman’s inferred criticism of it enough to deter the Rollei buyer

Club Rollei User – Issue 28

by John Wild
Winter Woods by Danny McClure 
Camera: Rolleiflex Automat

When you are in the right place at the right time, having the right (any) camera at the ready is also very important… what is that camera? John also considers the longevity of cameras and cars as we march forward into 2013

Club Rollei User – Issue 27

by John Wild
"Today's Catch" by Ian Parker - Winner of the Club Postal Competition 2012
Rollei Powerflex 470 at telephoto equivalent of 196 mm on 35mm camera

The weather provides a great opportunity to take the underwater camera out in Bosham… but a simple slip and you can lose all those hard earned photos.